I’ve helped over 100
individuals transform
their lives by helping
them take control
of their career


Hi, I’m Nikki Thomas, a Career Success Coach specialising in helping you achieve clarity, confidence and progression in your 9-to-5.


I know who you are. You have been working the so-called rat race for quite a few years now and you are frustrated, unfulfilled and frankly, exhausted.

You are over-looked, over-valued and over-worked.

Your confidence has been knocked, the real you has been ground down and you feel limited by what you can actually achieve anymore.

You are starting to ask the questions:

  • What am I doing with my career?!?!?

  • How have I got here?!?!

  • Am I stuck in this industry for the rest of my life?!?!?

  • Is this what I was put on this planet to do?!?!

  • How have some people got amazing jobs they love and I am just praying for the weekend?!

  • How do I change this?!?!

I could go on……but I am sure you are sick and tired of hearing these sentences going around in your head every day.

I am here to help you transform all that.

I have helped over 100 ambitious professionals take back control of their careers.

Through coaching I have helped people just like you:

  • Figure out how to find a job that brings you satisfaction

  • Gain the confidence to really go for the job you love

  • Grow and develop the skills in the right area to gain confidence

  • Make yourself a priority in your life choices

  • Move forward after feeling stuck for so long

This is by finding clarity on your career and life goals so you can be pro-active in life rather than re-active and by combating the self-doubt, imposter syndrome and lack of confidence holding you back from taking the life you truly want.

On my coaching programme we work together over 3 months to create and implement an action plan to move your life forward. We challenge your current mind-set and work on overcoming fear and indecision to use them as tools for growth.

Not everyone wants to be another silent cog in the company wheel nor do they want to be running their own business. I am here to show you that you can have the career you have always wanted – but first you need to need to make the commitment not to stay stuck where you are.

Are you ready?

I work in construction and I was going through a period at work where I wasn’t enjoying what I was doing, I was doubting the career path I had chosen, and even contemplating going back to uni to do a different degree and making a complete career change. I went to Nikki thinking that the coaching would confirm to me that what I thought was true. In fact it was quite the opposite. Nikki helped me realise that I was unchallenged at work and that I actually did enjoy the career path I had chosen. I started to look at moving company, not industry, get into a new role in which I’m challenged, and to update my CV and LinkedIn (which I have now done). I’m pleased to say that although I am still in the same role, I have been actively pursuing other positions and I have potential roles in London, the US and Australia! I still have some big decisions to make, but I am much happier at work as I now know the path I am going down is the right one for me.
— Eoin Culligan, London, UK
Had been applying for jobs outside my current area but had failed to secure an interview. Through the coaching programme I realised where my transferable skills were and able to rewrite a CV more tailored to what I was looking for.
— Louise Chang, Brisbane, Australia
I was in a senior role working for a charity but after some changes in my life I no longer felt fulfilled in my career. I wanted to move but was too scared to step away from the financial security I had been in for 8 years. Nikki showed me there was a different way. I am still figuring out my next step but no longer feeling the fear.
— Jane Brooks, London, UK

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