Tell me more about Nikki’s coaching programmes?
Who is it for? Why should I join?

These programmes are for high-achieving women looking to create a work-life balance without sacrificing their career success. You believe there is more to your current career and are looking to redefine success on your own terms and learn what’s truly possible for you.
You are a result of the 5 closest people to you. By joining my community of women with the same goal motivating and supporting each other to create career success, you have more chance of achieving the same for yourself.


Why work with Nikki?

I am a recognised Career Success Coach who writes for the Huffpost and Thrive Global on career success, working abroad and how to create a career on your terms. I have worked in the corporate world for global PLCs and Partnerships as well as for small start ups. I have moved industries 3 times over the past decade as well as moved countries twice.
I have proved you don’t need to stay where you are if it makes you unhappy.
I know it can be tough out there but have managed to create a career that works for me and want to help you do the same.
Also, I don’t talk the talk without walking the walk and to prove that alongside my coaching practice I am also a Commercial Director for a Consultancy as well as a member of DevelopHer - a non-profit helping to elevate the careers of women who work in tech.
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What will I get from this programme?


A COMMUNITY of like minded, focused women who want more from their career but without the burnout. These women will become your greatest cheerleaders and friends, giving you a level of support that will blow you away! These ladies have got your back!

A support network who are there to give advice and be on hand to you and your career. Everyone who agrees to join the Facebook Group knows that they are there to support you, lift you up, give you objective, kind feedback and inspire you. We ask that you in turn do the same.


Join one of my programmes and you will receive four monthly COACHING CALLS over the three month programme (always on Tuesday evening).

Remember – your success is my success. If you are committed, I won’t let you fail!


What else can I look at to decide
whether this is what I want to do?

Well you are in luck!! I write for the Huffpost and Thrive Global so you can read my articles there. If you are still looking for a sign then I am very happy to have a chat with you to discuss my coaching programme and give you some clarity on your career.
If you are interested then click here and book in some time with me.